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Please note we need a minimum of three business days for signature cakes and catering orders. We do howevertypically book further in advance even for "off the menu" cakes and catering. It varies each week based on how pre booked up the kitchen is. We do our best to fit every order we can in, however sometimes we cannot accommodate with the notice given.

If your order is accepted your cake order requests will be responded with a email and a payable invoice to the email which you provide. If not yo will receive a response that we are fully booked.

If your email invoice is not paid two 

business days prior to your order date your invoice along with your order will be cancelled.

If there is any allergies please make us aware of this in the comments section of the form, along with any message you would like written on your cake.

* Please note that our baking facility does contain common allergens such as; tree nuts, nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, sesame, and soy. If you have an allergy noted in the comments section we will do our best to ensure that your cake does not have the allergen in it, nut cross contamination may occur.

If you would like to order something other than a signature cake please write a description of what you would like and the quantities of each item in the comments.


Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email confirmation of your order within 48hrs!

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